These days doctors are like car mechanics. The two professions are becoming increasingly similar. Just like dentists, or surgeons − their services come too late. We are too busy. We only seek help after an accident; a dent in our bodywork. With prevention increasingly pushed to the sidelines, the doctor is left to focus on the repair job. We only take action once the problems are obvious and inevitable. Our bodies are allowed little more than the odd emergency pit stop; the aim is always to get straight back onto the road.

Yet, that same doctor, the one we do our best to try and avoid – after all, being ill costs time and money – has put us in an incredibly luxurious posi­tion. He and his science have given us a better life! Armed with im­proved prevention methods, medicines and rosy future prospects, he gave us extra years, no longer having to bite the dust at the first cough.
And now we are getting older. In the Netherlands, South Korea and every­where in the world. Yet, it ap­pears that evolu­tion occurs at dif­ferent speeds. While science has rapidly over­come our body, for the time being, our consti­tution does not look like it can live up to a prolonged existence. Across the ends of the earth, we crumple and whither.
Holland Pavilion during Seoul Design Festival 2014. Bruno Vermeersch (Jacques & André) designed the pavilion as a plaza, a meeting place with lampposts and benches that would allow the public to mingle and talk about the exhibited projects and the theme. Pavilion granted by Creative Industries Fund NL.
It’s a problem that current healthcare, with its scientific parameters, will not be able to address in the coming decennia. The doctor needs help that the creative industry can offer.

Better life
We always wish people ‘a healthy and happy New Year’. However, as with
debts or learning something new − so this resolution too is quickly relegated to the scrap heap. In addition, ‘heal­thy’ is often a synonym for being ill as little as possible, and ‘happy’ frequen­tly seems to boil down to wealth. Neither of these embodies the ‘better life’ that Dutch artist and founder of De Stijl movement, ... continue
many of our new resolutions − losing weight and exercising more, giving up cigarettes and alcohol, paying off our